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Eureka Newsletter/e-Zine *** June 2010 Edition ***
**Latest News **New Meetups/Personals **Naked Biking **June Events

23 Acre Grounds at Eureka
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What a wonderful month of May it's been at Eureka! Temperatures soared to almost 30C on the weekend of 22 and 23 May, resulting in record-breaking attendance figures at the club - with many new people visiting for the first time, and enjoying our wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities. Many thanks to everyone who attended - I'm sure you will agree that Eureka is one of the most relaxed, friendly and chilled-out places you could possibly find! In fact, many people who were concerned about visiting a naturist club have told me they lost their inhibitions straightaway at Eureka, and wonder why it took them so long to try naturism.

Check out our Great Range of Facilities!
Eureka is located in the garden of England in the sunny south-east which gets the best weather in the UK. Everything at Eureka is on a large scale (no pun intended!) We've got a massive 23.5 acres of beautiful mature grounds, sunbathing lawns, wooded walks - and one of the largest outdoor heated naturist swimming pools in the UK at 20m in length. We've got a wide range of popular board games and outdoor games such as Volleyball, Jumbo Dominos, Boules and Horseshoes available free to use on request.

Our all-year-round extensive indoor facilities include a luxurious spa featuring steam room, sauna and twin jacuzzis. We've got a large indoor seating area with a full size free pool table, and a cinematic screen with any channel you wish to view available on request. Our reasonably-priced café serves hot food, sandwiches, beverages, snacks and soft drinks. You are also welcome to bring your own food if you prefer, and drinking water is also available free on request. Please bring your own alcohol as we don't serve this - there's an excellent off-licence in Waitrose beside Longfield train station.

Facilities at Eureka

Large heated chalets with King Size beds and Wireless Broadband

Spend a day at Eureka, or stay over with us
A day visit and overnight accommodation at Eureka are very reasonably priced. For instance if you are visiting as a m/f couple, you can stay all day from 10am to 10pm* and use our wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities for just £20.

An overnight stay in one of our luxurious heated chalets with king-size bed and free wireless internet access costs from just £30 per chalet. In fact many people visiting the 'most exciting city in the world' for business or pleasure choose to stay with us rather that pay inflated B&B or hotel rates in the London area.

Please click the attached photo of one of our chalets to see more info about staying over with us.

Take a Relaxing Short Break... or Spend your Holiday With Us!
Why go to the expense and bother of travelling abroad this Summer? Save yourself the stress and hassle of long flights, airport queues, airline strikes and ash clouds - and take a short break or spend your holiday at Eureka instead! We're at the centre of everything - just 40 minutes by direct train from central London, and within 15 minutes driving time of the M25, A2 A20 and M20 roads. We are close to many wonderful attractions in the Kent area, including the world-famous Chatham Historic Dockyard, less than 30 minutes drive from Eureka. You can go onboard a nuclear submarine or the last remaining WWII British war ship, and even take a river trip on one of the last operational paddle steamships in the world!

The Grounds at Eureka

* Please note the day visit fee covers you from 10am to 10pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. There is an additional party charge after 8pm if you wish to stay on for our clothing-optional nightclub on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

Eureka Website & Forum

We've had a record-breaking 15,679 hits on the website during the month of May. Thanks to everyone who visited the website and joined *Our Forum*, membership of which currently stands at 12,493 people. And thanks everyone for your many smashing photos posted to the gallery recently. All messages and photos on the forum are moderated, so you will have to wait for these to be approved before they will appear on the forum. Personals/meetup messages won't appear directly on the forum, but in a regular digest - please see the latest postings below.

Visit the Eureka Website

Who visits Eureka? What is the age range?

This may seem crazy, but a couple who attended Eureka recently told me they had tried a different naturist club in their local area, and were told they were breaking the club rules by holding hands! The club in question doesn't allow tattoos or body piercings either. I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that at Eureka you'll find a refreshing lack of this type of snobbishness, outdated attitudes and ridiculous rules.

In fact, at Eureka your age, race, body shape, orientation and lifestyle choices are never an issue - as many people will confirm, you will find that you are liked and accepted for the person you are. There is also a youthful vibrancy at Eureka - our increasingly powerful online presence attracts many young and beautiful people in the 18 - 30 age range to the club for a first visit. And the friendly, relaxed and chilled-out atmosphere brings them back time and time again. There are very few rules at the club - all we ask is that you behave in a courteous and civilised manner so that everyone can have a pleasant and memorable visit.

Information for first time visitors

What if I become 'aroused' on a visit???

I've often been asked this question by gentlemen planning a first visit. Naturism is a liberating and sensual experience - fresh air and subshine combined with acres of bare female flesh can produce unique sensations of excitement and intense pleasure, particularly for the first-time naturist. Generally no problem if you become aroused - Eureka is the place to leave your inhibitions behind and you will find that people just turn a blind eye, or possibly an admiring one :)

So not a problem - provided of course, you're not directing your unwanted attentions at some female in your near vicinity, in which case we tend to get very upset indeed - Eureka has always been a place suitable for single ladies or for a gentleman to bring along a female partner, and we REALLY like to keep it that way :)

Thursday 3 June
Naked Thursday!
Fully Nude Social Event, Karaoke & Pool Tournament
Friday 4 June
Special Event Party
Swimming Pool Party / BBQ Social Party. 8pm to 1am
Friday 11 June
Naked Friday Party
No clothing permitted for men - lingerie or nude acceptable for ladies! 8pm to 1am, all welcome
Saturday 19 June
Fancy Dress Party !!!
Summer Solstic Letter 'P' Fancy Dress Party, 8pm to 3am
Friday 25 June
Naked Friday Party
No clothing permitted for men - lingerie or nude acceptable for ladies! 8pm to 1am, all welcome

Details about our party nights

Due to the popularity of our new Fully Nude Friday Party (with naked pole dancing!) we are now running this event twice a month, on the second and fourth Friday. Pole dancing is a worldwide craze and we've got pole dancing at this event for anyone who wants to give it a try - with party animals the lovely Julie and Val regularly wowing the guys with their brilliant dancing on naked Fridays. Their preferred dancing gear consists of stilettos and nothing else - these ladies KNOW their audience :) Pole dancing is great fun but let's not limit this to the ladies - c'mon guys why not give it a try, don't be shy now! You won't look ridiculous, we're all friends at Eureka and it's the kind of a place where you leave your inhibitions behind, as many regulars of this party night will confirm :)
I'd appreciate it if you could mention this party night to anyone you know with an interest in naturism or pole dancing.

All Eureka party nights are open to both singles and couples. A posting was made by a couple on the forum during the month in favour of re-establishing a Friday couples-only party night once a month, and thanks to the many people who replied to this message with a show of support for this. I'll let you know if a decision is made about this.

*** Link Exchange *** Spread the word about naturism *** Meet people for friendship and dating ***

Meeting others for friendhsip and dating

If you are a member of any other naturist websites, blogs or forums please post a link or message about eureka. Anything you can do to help will create more awareness about naturism and about eureka, and will bring more people into the club, will help to create a better atmosphere and more people for you to meet at Eureka when you visit yourself!

We also welcome link exchange with other genuine naturist-related websites, blogs, forums and other resources. The eureka website receives about 500 visitors a day and is the no. 1 'naturist club' result on google. A link on the eureka website will guarantee your website a LOT of hits - Please see our Links Page for more information.

There is also some info about Meeting People Online here.

Your First Visit

Single ladies visiting Eureka

People can understandably be nervous about visiting a naturist club for the first time, particularly singles ladies visiting on their own. At Eureka we do everything we can to make your visit a relaxing and enjoyable experience - any single women considering visiting please read the website in detail, and click the photo to the left to see some useful info for first time visitors/newbies.

And of course, please feel free to get in touch by reply to this posting if you need any additional help or advice. When you are visiting, myself or any of the staff would be happy to meet you, show you around and introduce you to everyone, and answer any questions you have.

If you would like to meet a nice gent to visit with, or need a lift to the club I would be happy to recommend someone suitable and civilised from my wide circle of friends at Eureka. Or if you would like to hook up with another female visitor for moral support on your visit I should be able to arrange this also.

A digest of personals/meetup messages and feedback recently posted on the forum

From: Chris
Hi, Really enjoyed coming to the club last weekend and got the all over tan underway (at last). The pool was like getting into a warm bath, the turnout was brilliant and we are becoming addicted. My wife and I have now booked a holiday to Cap D'Agde by train at the end of August so if there are any single guys/couples going at the same time we'd be interested in meeting them for fun and friendship.
Cheers Chris and Alison

Well I'm home after staying over three nights. What a fantastic relaxing
weekend. Lots of dancing, swimming, massages, eating, singing, relaxing in the
spa and great company.
Thank you Miah, Adrian and Greg. You are great company and you made me laugh and
smile. It was lovely spendng time with you :-) and will see you all again very
Nice to finally meet you too Kieran... keep up the good work!
Eileen xx

Hi all,
We are planning to visit for our first time Saturday 5th June.
will be great to meet new people and enjoy eureka as have heard lots about the
club xxx

Hiya we're Ian and Dee and going to Eurekas on the 5th June never been there
before but have been to other clubs... is there anyone else new going on same
day be nice to meet up so we're not the only ones feeling nervous lol

Just popping in briefly to say hello, I am a lifelong naturist (married) and
used to be a member at YSS near Hull. Sadly now disabled & living in
Lincolnshire as a 'home naturist'. I hope that I can still get a sense of 'club
naturism' through this group page.
Please say hello if you can, I appreciate your replies. . . thanks.

Philippe Jean (
I'm a man, 52 yo interested by sailing and naturism. I'm looking for a woman interested by sharing these activities. I plan to spend one or two weeks in Croatia this summer. But, if you have better ideas or proposals (Ibiza ?, Greece ?) or just want to sail, please write !

World Naked Bike Ride WNBRLondon & Brighton 2010
Many thanks to Will Golden, a gentleman from Brighton who visits Eureka and attended our Bodypainting event last Sunday. Will is on the organising collective for the London Naked Bike ride 2010, and has supplied the following excellent photos and informative article about the event. Anyone who wishes to supply a naturist-related article for the next edition of this e-zine please get in touch.
And a request to Will and anyone else involved with the event, we would appreciate it if you could mention the Eureka Annual Biker Event on 22 August on any forums you are a member of, and any people you are speaking with on the day - let's spread the word about Eureka!

Eureka biker social event 22 August
World Naked Bike Ride, 2010
Well we are less than two short weeks away. Assemble in London at 3:00pm on Saturday 12th June and in Brighton at 12:00 midday on Sunday 13th.
Please visit the following for details:

The World Naked Bike Ride is not a naturist event. But it is naked and also probably the most fun open street event in the London Calendar. Every year 12,000 of us get our kit off on what always seems to be the warmest weekend in June, as implied proof of the Good Lord's endorsement, to cycle bare and, doubtlessly, painfully through the capital streets to protest about road safety and against over-indulgence in carbon fuelling. Any number up to half-a-million people line the street to watch us in all our glory / embarrassment , depending on your viewpoint. But what is beyond doubt is, we make a killing!

Now we naturists can be the worst at smoking out the countryside with our 4-wheelies and encumbering caravans, but we all still like clear skies in the summer. So every year we make up the majority of the riders.

London WNBR 2010: This year we are trying out a different route. You know; familiarity breeds contempt. Anyway Oxford Street, one of the highlights of the ride in past years, is off-limits due to road works. So we took the opportunity to make the change. Given the ink spilt on the Third Runway in recent times, we took the decision to take in Sipson, the village due for demolition for the Third Runway. Don't worry, you won't need your respirators; the ride for the 18-mile first leg will be undertaken by only a few hardened campaigners, r.i.p.!

But the main ride from Hyde Park is to finish at City Hall with the symbolic presentation of a petition. The route has suddenly taken another turn.... for the better. The new coalition has decided unanymously to ditch the Third Runway, so this ride may take the form of a celebration. I have no doubt that the very public and noticeable lobbying WNBR had some influence on the public thinking that brought this about. That, and not what happens every 5 years, is real democracy in action. But there are still environmental issues and the petition will happen.

So, everyone, look for a new ride. The Sipson pressgang will join up with us at Hyde Park. We shall then, at 3:30, wheel our naked torsoes down Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square, thence down Whitehall, over Westminster Bridge to Waterloo, a favourite photoshoot opportunity. Back over Waterloo Bridge, we will then head through the City and, famously and idylically, pass the Tower, cross Tower Bridge to circle round to Castle Boris. What a route! We could sell tickets and take some tourists with us!

Post-ride boat-trip After the ride the post-event party is a planned boat-trip. Now how's that for a second wave of publicity? Some of you will remember Naked Britain. Take Two! This is not cheap, but still way cheaper than a hotel party. Also..... we can be naked on board! The boat, max cap 200 people, will cost £3,000 for two hours, so we are looking to £20 a head to break even somewhere around 150 attendees. We need that many commitments. If we don't get enough, it won't happen at all!

Go to to find out how to enrol. Please make this work!

Regards, Will

Finally, if anyone wants to submit an article and/or photos for the July edition of our monthly e-zine please contact me at As mentioned above, anyone who wants a personals / meetup message to appear in the Eureka July e-zine please reply to this posting - contact me by email if you wish to send a photo with your posting.

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Regards and many thanks